Twin Keel

Lis-style fishes have come a long way since Thomas Campbell opened everyone's eyes to the versatility and pure fun of these little guys. You can go full traditional, with a straighter, more down-the-line outline, volan, full-color, gloss, and polish, or add some curve to the outline, keep it light with a sanded gloss or EPS—but we're going to have to ask that you stick to glass-on keels. There just so damned pretty, and they work better than any fin system's keels we've yet seen.


“All men are equal before fish”

—Herbert Hoover

5'6" twin keel
5'9" twin keel
5'9" twin keel
5'11" twin keel
5'11" twin keel
ruby red twin keel
apple green twin keel - bottom
apple green twin keel - top
apple green twin keel - fin detail
5'9" twin keel
5'9" twin keel